Known in his hometown of South Carolina as one of the top freestyle artist, HyBrid803 is a truely independent southern hiphop artist fighting hard to establish his name in hip-hop. 2003 was the year hybrid803 started rapping and by 2004 he was doing local shows (freestyling songs on stage to popular beats at the time) with S.C. artist Collard Greens and DJ Chuck Nice after Greens saw him win a rap battle that was held at a boxing gym hybrid803 would train at. After some time of performing with Greens, Greens introduced Hybrid803 to Lil Ru and Blind Fury at a Mothers Day Weekend Car and Bike show where they freestyled for the crowd. Hybrid803 then began traveling with lil Ru and Greens doing shows alongside other headhunter artists ( Mr. Flip Mr. Kaos) performing a song he never officially recorded called "What the business is"on a beat produced by Greens. After some time Hybrid803 Connected with local record label Gelly Tight to record his first local hit "Gangsta Walk" After that label was shut down(2005) in a drug bust Hybrid803 kept releasing music and performing independently then joined Fury again(2012) after his B.E.T. run doing shows in the state. Hybrid803 gained a small following outside SC thanks to his YouTube tutorials on making music on his phone. He continues to establish his name in southern hiphop independently alongside his Wife Shanny Rox.

Born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, Shanny Rox grew up in a musically incline family. Her parents met in the Army who latered married. Where they were stationed, her mother was a guess DJ for the local nightlife which inspired Shanny to rap. As a kid she have won talent shows at locals events for exposure. Performing for her peers in high school was where she met band member/husband Hybrid803. As he continued, Shanny took a long discouraging break. In 2015, they reunited and Hybrid803 pushed and motivated her to reach her full potential. In 2019, Shanny and Hybe have become the forefathers of Android Rappers known as the AEGANG. Artist who learn how to use a mobile daw app call Audio Evolution to record quality music from Hybrid803s YouTube tutorials. Shanny and Hybe was the first to release world wide Music Made On A Cell Phone featuring fan favorites like The 1 and Dinner and Weed. This project was also Shanny Rox first album. As she continues to learn and grow in her craft.